Who will carry the canard town in RGGH in U.S.?

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  1. Does anyone have any intel on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!;)
  2. i believe hgbagsonline will. she said most styles but i didn't ask for town specifically.
  3. Thanks hannahsophia! Unfortunatly, I'm pretty sure Erica didn't order the town style :sad:
  4. Bump
  5. I just called Bal NY. The SA said they will have the Town in Canard, Moutarde & Black with rose gold hw (as well as the City, First and Work styles in those colors with rggh).

  6. No regular HW in Town? BTW, is this the "mini" giant H? TY!! :smile:
  7. I'm not sure, sorry. I called initially to ask if they had the Folder in Outremer (they don't - their buyer didn't purchase any Folders in S/S10 colors), then got off topic & asked when they were expecting bags with rggh (answer: "between Nov 09 and April 10"). When the SA said the Town would be coming in with rggh, I remembered this post & wrote down the info so I could post it here. :smile:
  8. Thanks bloomdl!! I appreciate the info!
  9. Thanks, bloomdl!