Who will be the first one to get...

  1. the Damier (Azur) sporty bag? (Is it coming out on May 1st?) I can't wait to see the pics from you guys because I can't get it on May.(still saving up:crybaby:...)

    Please post lots of pics for me, Thanks a lot!!!:heart:
    (or PM me once you post the pics)
  2. I'd love to know who's first too!! I can't wait to see this bag in real life, I think it's going to be so gorgeous in Azur! I'm sure it will be sold out the first time it arrives in stores and eLux. I'll wait until the newness slows a bit on this one.
  3. ME . :p I really want to get one but i doubt i will be the first , Do you know what the price will be like for one?
    But they are sooooo pretty :love:
  4. It should be around $1450-1500.
  5. ^^ holy smokes that's expensive!!!
  6. :wtf: You can't question the price on such a beautiful Louis Vuitton I mean Look at it! :love:
  7. oh sorry, I just checked the price in the reference thread, so the price of the bag should be at $1420. (but not much difference...)
  8. Won't be me but I can't wait to see it!
  9. For those of you wanting one, do you prefer regular damier or azur?
  10. Damier! i'm not crazy about light coloured bags .
  11. excited to see what this bag will look like IRL. been wanting to add another damier to my collection! thanks for the heads up!
  12. can someone post a pic of this - I want to know what the sporty bag is ! ! how will i know if I want it or not...thanks
  13. Here's a pic of both versions for you.
  14. THANKS!

    oooohhhh, so pretty, both versions.

    if I got the Damier then I would get to finally buy the koala wallet to match.
  15. I can't wait to see what it looks like.