Who will authenticate Koobas?

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  1. I won a Kooba Avery on eBay a couple of weeks ago, and received a fake. The stitching is crooked, the tag isn't right, and the leather colors on the straps don't match the bag. I filed a dispute with Paypal, which now wants proof that the bag is fake. In my view, this is completely backwards; it should be up to the SELLER to prove that the bag is real, but I digress. Is there an online service that will review the bag and provide a statement that it's fake? Any brick & mortar stores (I'm in Nashville, TN)? Thanks.
  2. Also, anyone know where I can buy a real Avery in the luggage brown color? Thanks again.
  3. Hi:

    Sorry you're having to deal w/ this. I would recommend www.mypoupette.com. I've used their service in the past and found them very helpful. Their fees vary for authenticating vs authenticating with written verification. I know there is another service online but the name escapes me. Perhaps one of the other ladies can provide that.

    As far as authenticating in a brick and mortar store, from what I've heard many are now reluctant to do so and I don't believe they will even give you a written authentication anyway.

    Avery bags are hard to find these days. The Kooba website still has one listed but it's the rose colored bag. eBay may be your best bet. If you see one on eBay that catches your fancy don't hesitate to post it in the Authenticate This forum and get some feedback from the local residents. :yes:

    Welcome to the forum and I hope your dispute works out in your favor!
  4. Thanks! I've gone to mypoupette.com.
  5. Hi again:
    I've been reading in the Ebay forum that there are some issues going on with mypoupette.com. Personally, I haven't had those experiences but it's worth checking out. It seems it's related to LV and other brand authentication as well as slow response times. In my case, I had a response in a matter of hours, so again I can't speak to any issues with them.

    I hope they are able to assist you promptly.
  6. You have to file a claim with Paypal and pick the option that says it is significantly not as described. Ship it back to the seller WITH a parcel tracking number and that way Paypal has to decide in your favor because you have proved that you shipped it back.
  7. Don't wait to escalate it to a claim-do it right away-if you wait too long you will be stuck with a fake bag and nothing you can do about it!
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