Who What Wear: Post your CL Outfit Pics here

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  1. Hi Chelle0216,

    Thanks so much! :biggrin:

  2. Super cute! :hbeat:

  3. Love this look! What CLs are you wearing?
  4. Thank you, I love it too. It is really flattering and a little different.
  5. Thanks!!! They come in Beige, bone, gray, black, red, royal blue, white!! They are THE best work pant. I even wear them out of the office!
  6. Hi Sammi!Thanks!

    They are the belle booties! I bought them years ago when Saks was having their fire sale!

  7. Thanks! I got it at a night market in Taiwan. The real ones are called Rabito!
  8. oops sorry megt, just checked the label, it's actually from AX Paris! I got mixed up!
  9. Thanks Jonathan!
  10. thanks aoqtpi! I LOVE sushi!
  11. sorry rock_girl, I got mixed up, the dress is from AX Paris!
  12. Yesterday I wore for the first time my new Ron Rons to pick up my birthday bracelet that was ready at the jewelers :cloud9: So excited it fits great and was able to have earrings made out of the 8 links that were taken out. Anyway, the dress is DVF, bag Balenciaga Velo in Mimosa and the jacket is also Balenciaga cropped Higgins and the ring is Wellendorf Black Silk.
    005.JPG 008.JPG 012.JPG 020.JPG
  13. Love the look! lovely jewellery too! :smile:
  14. Thank you so much Misshiv. I am so happy that I got the bracelet back and that it fits perfectly now. I was afraid I might have had too many links taken out but it is perfect now.
  15. Wow! I love the bright yellow of your Ron Rons and Velo!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.