Who What Wear: Post your CL Outfit Pics here V2

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  1. This was my outfit for my Birthday meal in November. It was the first time wearing my Bianca heels out! :biggrin:
  2. Congratulations, you look lovely! Hope you had a wonderful time. Oh, and those shoes... they ROCK!

  3. :drool:

    Ditto, but same for yours a couple of pages back.

  4. Love this look
  5. Nice, and how did you find wearing them out? comfortable?
  6. THose are pretty!
  7. You look great!
  8. oh my gosh, you look fabulous!
  9. Thank you, I did indeed! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks! I found them really nice to walk in; my feet were a tad sore at the end of the night.. I expected that though :lol:

    Thanks! :smile:
  11. You look great! Amazing shoes :smile:
  12. Ladies I am joining the land of the living again after a rough 2013. It has been a very long time since I posted an outfit. I am in the process of getting my old body back after health stuff and starting the new year on a happy note.Tonight I am heading back to Shul wearing my Bianca's for the first time. The dress is DVF, scarf Hermes, bag Chanel boy, and the jacket Balenciaga. The dog is Misha a new addition to our family.
    021.JPG 010.JPG 024.JPG

  13. Gorgeous!!!
  14. So great to see you back meg! You look great!

  15. Looking good meg. Glad you're feeling better
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