Who What Wear: Post your CL Outfit Pics here V2

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  1. Trying on my Wonder Woman dress from dvf with nude PP:

  2. WOW! :ps:
    You look amazing!! That dress is soooo pretty. I love the colors!

  3. OMG!!! TWO shoes I hate I passed on!!! I have been passing on A LOT of shoes that I secretly want, and when I finally decide to get them, they're gone!! These are HOTT Jamidee and Songbird! You both look FAB!! Keep up the great looks, girls! :yahoo:

  4. LOVE IT!!!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  5. Me and my Beige MBBs out for St. Paddy's Day Saturday. Easily the MOST comfortable CLs that I own! If you could have seen the dances I did in these babies! :happydance:
  6. Phew, I'm normally too behind to comment properly but two pages is doable!

    Beautiful classy, fun look. The fuxia suede is fantastic :love:

    Wow I'm so jelly of your bod! I def can't pull of white jeans, but they look perfect on you!

    Everything about this outfit is absolutely on point. Love how you styled in the leopard with the blue!

    I love this dress and your legs are amazing!

    Great look! Hope you had fun! I spent St. Paddy's studying :tdown:
  7. gorgy!!! :love:
  8. I'm going to use a word I learned here... Nice gams :smile:
  9. I love the thin heel! I am trying to save myself for my UGH!! SO JEALOUS!! :love:


  10. i have this in a top! love the print
  11. gorgeous!! i would never think to pair this dress with that color but it is flawless, especially with that KD :hugs:

    very cool, you look great!

    gorgeous, you are making me wish i had jumped on a pair of nude PP's. :hbeat:

    lovely :love: so happy to hear when ladies really 'wear' their CL's :p
  12. very pretty!

    thank you chloe!

    thank you miss T!

    easily one of my favourite DVF prints - you wear it beautifully!


    thanks tons!!!

    thank you SO much lamborghini!
  13. phiphi you look gorgeous! I love the dress and the fuxia is great!

    Lovely jamidee!
    WOW, thats all I can say!

    Fabulous miss T, I love the colors in the DVF!

    Love the MBB's!!
  14. Love the skinny jeans and Bibis jamidee!!!
  15. The MBBs look fabulous on you Platinum!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.