Who/what inspired your clothing obsession?

  1. I'll start off with a few things:

    1. My Mom: great, classic style and wow, what a seamstress! She sewed almost all my clothes and my brothers' too when we were kids and they looked as good as anything in a store! She taught me the value of looking for good, classic pieces...even better when they're on sale!

    2. Both my grandmothers: one loved to knit and sew and would knit the most AMAZING sweaters for me every Christmas. I'm talkin' great sweaters here, not dorky or frumpy things you would be embarrassed to wear. She taught me to sew too! My other grandmother always dressed to the nines in St. John Suits, Ferragamo shoes, BV bags and white gloves with her hair and makeup immaculate. And she loved to take me shopping! :wlae:

    3. My Dad: always looked SO handsome in his suits and fabulous ties every single day! Now he's retired and it's polo shirts and khakis

    4. Vogue magazine: I was about 10 when I was in a salon for a haircut and picked one up and...the angels sang...I wanted to be a model, or at least wear those clothes! :girlsigh:

    Who inspired you? :heart:
  2. Most of the time I'm inspired by a celebrity.I might not like the whole outfit that they may have on but sometimes a celebrity might wear something that is put together in a way that I would've never thought of and that usually inspires me to get alittle creative and try certain things together.

    My mom also inspires me because when she was younger she was so hippie-chic.She had long wavy hair and she always wore some of the nicest flowy dresses and that alone has inspired me to grow out my hair and to let it air dry as opposed to straightening it all the time.

    It's usually small little things that might inspire me and sometimes it's really random...i might find inspiration in a magazine or an old photo, or just someone who is just walking down the street.Inspiration comes from all sorts of places...i can't really pin point it. :yes:
  3. I came from a long line of nonsense women who wear ultilitarian fashion. I always wanted to be the exact opposite. I was totally mesmerized by Erica Kane on All My Children. I didn't realize it at the time,but Susan Lucci was very into the Italian designers. I took after my dad's side(Italian) and that fashion always appealed to me.
  4. going to places like london, new york and hongkong... especially hongkong! people take their fashion seriously in these places. :smile:

    magazines and pf too! :smile:
  5. 1 person: My Dad. He's a fashion designer. My playground was clothing factories and studios when I grew up. I can't help loving fashion.
  6. According to my Mum, when I was about 3 months old, a friend of hers bought me a pink, frilly dress and from then on, I screamed every time she tried to dress me in my babygrow and would only stop when she took the dress out of the wardrobe! :lol:

    I'm no longer into pink frilly dresses, but I appear to have been pretty much obsessed with clothes, since birth!!!
  7. Mom: has the most amazing closets... has always been a full-time clothes-horse!
  8. 1. My friends: They all have very unique styles and have encouraged my own. One of my very best firends and I always go over the latest issues of Vogue, TeenVogue, etc.

    2. My Grandma: She has the typical Grandma style, lots of loud colors, big jewelry, etc. She's probably the I love jewelry and accessories so much.
  9. My mom, fashion magazines, cultural trends ... everywhere!
  10. oh, it's random.
    but mostly from magazines and celebs like kate moss.
    but i never end up like the one i saw in magazines, i guess i just glance at their looks and ended up with MY own style. and although I LOVE a certain look from mags or something, i don't want to look like a girl who came out of the pages. i don't follow trends.
    it's changing everytime.
  11. I think firstly my mother. She has a no-fuss dealing with clothing, she buys style that lasts, classic stuff. My inspirations later on come from Elle magazine mainly :P
  12. My mom and my aunt. My mom always knows what goes with what and can put together a perfect outfit with clothes from virtually anywhere - from WalMart all the way up to Chanel. I always joke with her that she is in the wrong business.

    The only person I know of can work that kind of magic would be Rebecca Weinberg (costume designer for Sex and the City and the Devil Wears Prada). I saw an ad from Walmart in the June issue of Lucky magazine and was amazed to see what Ms. Weinberg could whip up!