Who wears the look better?


Who wears the look better?

  1. jessica simpson

  2. vanessa minnillo

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. my vote for vanessa:biggrin::P
  3. I vote for Jessica!!:love:
  4. Jessica just because I don´t like Vanessa for some reason. She reminds me of someone icky.
  5. i voted Jessica!!!
  6. Vanessa!
  7. Vanessa! Less fake stuff on her!:nuts:
  8. Jessica's look because its more funky, I like the plaid top and it is different. Meanwhile the black top and shorts is practical ( something I would wear) but I would aspire to wear jessica's plaid look. I also love Jessicas accessorizing.
  9. Are you serious? Does Jess wear fakes? :wtf:
  10. Although they are both wearing short, denim shorts, I think these looks are, actually, a million miles away from each other!

    Whereas Jessica's look is very Western glam (Daisy Duke!); Vanessa (or her stylist! ;) ) has managed to make denim shorts part of a softer, prettier, more relaxed look; which I prefer.

    Of course, Vanessa's black top with demin shorts look wouldn't really suit Jessica as well, as they have quite different body types.
  11. :lol: No, I meant fake hair, tan, etc.
  12. Jessica..Her body, I guess looks alittle cuter & petite in the short shorts than Vanessas.
  13. I love Jessica but....I really dont like the plaid (western) look. I think Vanessa looks better (outfit wise....)
  14. Jessica.
  15. I like Vanessa's outfit better.

    Jessica looks fab (as usual)...but only she can pull of outfits like that one.