Who wears it better?

  1. [​IMG]

    • Naomi/Charlize? NAOMI
    • Scarlett/Nicole? SCARLETT
    • Jamelia/Tara? TARA
    • Victoria/Cameron? VICTORIA
    • Cat/Angelina? ANGELINA
    • Scarlett/Marcia? SCARLETT
    • Mischa/Fergie? FERGIE
    • Sienna/Naomi? SIENNA
  2. i think the best looking one overall is charlize and angelina
  3. I think all these dresses belong in a dumpster :yucky:.I can't choose because the choices are god awful,sorry.
    • Charlize
    • Nicole ( she looks Gorgeous + healthy)
    • Jamelia/Tara ? Neither
    • Victoria
    • Angelina
    • Scarlett
    • Fergie
    • Sienna/Naomi ? Neither
  4. Definitely Victoria Beckham. She can carry almost anything you throw at her.
  5. Naomi/Charlize? Naomi
    Scarlett/Nicole? Scarlett
    Jamelia/Tara? Jamelia
    Victoria/Cameron? Cameron, just switch shoes with Vicky!
    Cat/Angelina? Cat. I love Angelina but i don't love this dress on her.. it suits the other girl more.
    Scarlett/Marcia? Marcia. Scarlett's necklace is too much with this dress, it looks better without.
    Mischa/Fergie? Fergie. But this dress is just so effing ugly.
    Sienna/Naomi? Sienna
  6. i can't seem to see the photos ...
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