Who wears it better????

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    Hey guys I thought this would be fun! Find a pic of a celebrity with one of ur LV's and see who wears it better.

    Excuse my sweatshirt :/ not my usual attire LOL


    ME*removed by request of OP*
  2. DEF you! Kanye's bag looks too feminine ;)
  3. haha thanks... come on guys lets see!
  4. Definitely you Mike! I dislike Kanye. :tdown:

    Here's one I made last week... Who wears the Tonga sunglasses better: Jay Z or me?

  5. HAHAHA this is great! I'd love to see more!

    My vote goes to the 2 TPFers! That poor Azur just looks random against Kanye, where as you carry it well and it blends into your style, Mike! And John just looks friggin hot with the sunnies. Def. fits your face better!
  6. I have no idea who this kanye is, but he sure looks like a mess. His sunnies are way too high on his nosebridge too, it makes him look old and makes his face look big. :push: Not very kawaii.

    tPFs = teh win!
  7. Anyone have that picture of John Mayer with his Taiga Ivan? then I can play, or Paris and her white MC keepall?

    a tuff one would be David Beckham and me with our Sac Squashes lol... hes way hotter tho!
  8. I have the last two... I'll send them to you in a PM. ;)
  9. does anyone have kanye with his montsouris or any other celeb?
  10. HAHAHAHAHA! That's a funny thread!
    Obviously my vote goes to John and FashionMIKE!! :supacool:
  11. Great thread...and of course the tPFers win!
  12. Here we go






  13. nice nice... but where are the ladies???? hahaha
  14. hahaha You guys allllllllll look better than the celebs!..celebs are sloppy..
  15. [​IMG]



    haha..it's fun:tup::roflmfao::p....i hope i not worst than paris hilton:smile: