Who wears it best?

  2. Beckham
  3. Neither.
  4. gota agree, its a girl not a guy thing i believe!
  5. It's kind of weird. But I'd take either one! LOL!:blush:
  6. David Beckham looks good in ANYTHING!
  7. Aren't those scarves from the 80s? I don't like either one.
  8. Yep, weird either way, but DB is way hotter.
  9. hating this whole scarf look ..
  10. David B

  11. HAHA. I was going to say the exact same thing!
  12. Beckham, here in Leeds both men and women have been wearing those scarves, they're a bit outdated where I live now!
  13. im not feeling those scarfs on men..i dont know something about it!
  14. they are too "man" to wear the scarves, i like skinny skinny tall men with skinny skinny pants and rock n roll type or a boho artist type wear scarves.
  15. Beckam!