Who wears a pashmina??!!

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  1. Does anyone here wear a pashmina??

    Are they a classic or totally out??

    If they are no good, what do you wear to warm up a dress in winter?

    Please help, I need real suggestions!
  2. I think pashminas are classics. I prefer to invest in good quality wool, silk or cashmere rather than viscose.

    when you say "warm up a dress", are you asking about how to still feel warm in a dress? i'd wear tights (hose) and layered underwear like an all in one or a full slip. It seems people don't wear slips nowadays. so now we get to see everybody's pantylines!
  3. I still have a cashmere one. Its so versatile. I use it as a scarf now, tied around the neck, but my daughter often uses it at night wrapped around her as it is so much softer than a throw!

    They are a classic, buy the best quality one you can afford and it will last you forever :smile:
  4. I kind of think they are classic too, but I am really not sure! I would defintely buy the best quality one I could.

    MissThing - yes, I want ideas for how to take a sleeveless dress through to winter or chilly autumn nights.

    Fur is SO unappropriate here in Australia and I am afraid of someone throwing paint on me!

    I am just looking for a basic item that will go with a lot of things and be nice and arm even in winter. I keep coming back to a pashmina...
  5. its one of my must haves when i travel. keeps me warm and use it as my blanket when im on the plane ;)
  6. same here too, i always carry one with me when i fly as i never use those plane blanket. pashmina is a good investment and a classic must have.
  7. yes, i do have a couple and use them really often!!:love:
  8. I love love love my pashmina. I have a cashmere and slik blend. I use it at home, at work, at church. It is like a chic adult blankie:lol:. I also love wearing it as a scarf during the winter.
  9. Thanks ladies, they seem pretty popular!

  10. Ain't THAT the truth?!!! :yes:

    I don't get that either. Maybe I'm just getting old (heck, I AM old!), but I don't understand why younger women balk at slips and other lingerie in exchange for displaying their bloomers to the world!! I remember one time seeing a young lady with a too sheer dress (maybe it was a skirt) and nothing under it. You could see the style and designs printed on her undies.

    Sorry, but that's under the "too much information" heading for me....:Push:
  11. I love Pashminas, MY they are a stylish alternative to a thick heavy wool coat. I'm leaving India for the UK in 5 days so am stocking up for myself and ahead of the Christmas season.
  12. I love Pashminas, my favourite one has Swarovski crystals on it.
    Pashminas they are a stylish alternative to a thick heavy wool coat. I'm leaving India for the UK in 5 days so am stocking up for myself and ahead of the Christmas season.
  13. i love pashminas and still wear them!
  14. Bumping this thread so more people see it and give their opinions!
  15. I have a pashmina in gorgeous, deep turquoise blue. I bought it when I went to Croatia and Italy a few years ago where I was walking around in summer dresses but needed something to cover up if I was touring inside a cathedral (bare shoulders are a no-no).

    I honestly haven't used it recently but am glad I have it and will probably use it as a scarf this winter!
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