Who Wears a Coach Crossbody?

  1. Ok...

    I've been looking for a good crossbody bag for awhile and need some help. I've got the legacy swingpack but am looking for something larger that would work well when I'm running around with my kids. I have a couple of crossbody bags but would like something a bit different than what I have.

    Does anyone here have a large duffle or wear the bleeker duffles as crossbody bags? If so, how are they working? Do they feel heavy or are they okay? Do they stick out too far?

    This has been kind of an ongoing search for me, so I'd appreaciate any advice... Thanks!:p
  2. I use my Legacy Whiskey Hippie bag every weekend to run around with my kids.
    Don't you have this one already? I also have the Bleeker Duffle and it does not stick
    out. As the bottom of the bag is oval in shape the bag lies nicely against your side.
    I do think that the Bleeker duffle is a great bag.
  3. Hi........ I tried on the bleeker medium duffle across my body in the store . I love it, it looked great across your body. I never felt it to stick out to far. I also have the duffle the flat one ,I like the shape of the bleeker & that it holds more stuff . I was going for the wine in all leather but changed my mind after seeing the signature with the wine trim......My husband got it for me for xmas so I have to wait...But what a nice bag...... My husband opened a Macy's card & got 20% off & we had a 11% off for out of state. Last weekend they also had for every 50 .00 you spend you get 10 macy's bucks.We had a fun weekend in Lynnwood.

  4. Good memory, Liz! I did have it but ended up selling it b/c the hardware just made it too heavy with the strap...it was a gorgeous bag but it cut into my shoulder when I put my things in it, so that with the weight meant it had to go.... was VERY upset about it.

    That's why I'm revisiting this again--I'm thinking maybe the bleerk duffle since it doesn't have a lot of hardware and the leather is lighter, is that right? I'll still need to try it on.. I was also looking at maybe the bleeker signature in all black-that would be the lightest one...if they made that bag in dark brown, it'd be a done deal!
  5. I am sorry that the Legacy Hippie did not work out for you. I love this bag so much and am really getting good use out of her. I have the Bleeker large duffle in Bottle Green. I have been carrying her alot around the city and I don't find it heavy at all. It is a great bag for someone like me who runs around alot. I catch alot of people admiring my bag. It is a very boho chic bag and works perfectly with my fashion style.
  6. I own three different COACH messenger/cross body style bags: a small signature stripe swing pack, the signature stripe messenger/hippie bag and my newest is the bleeker flap/medium that converts to both a shoulder bag and a messenger style bag. I ordered this from the Japan COACH website, but I called the COACH main number and they had it in stock. I have a feeling they have most of the bags that are on the site. Here's it is:

    I really love this bag-- minus the grease stain my friend got on it. It doesn't have as much hardware as the other Bleekers, and it really is comfortable and convenient. The bag is not too heavy, and it also comes in the signature fabric-- which would mjake it even lighter. Good luck!
  7. Ooh, that's a pretty bag! It doesn't look like it would be too large or heavy, either...

    I wonder if the SAs are seeing that more people are ordering stuff from the Japan site! They've got lots of great stuff there!
  8. I'm envious of your hippie! It was the one bag I really hated to lose because it's my favorite style but it just wasn't working. Part of me wishes I still had it but it just wasn't meant to be.

    I'll be testing out some stuff at the Coach store soon and hope I get a PCE invite...
  9. I love this bag on the Japan website as well, and it is a hippie...


    I've called JAX on it, and was inquiring about the khaki signature and black leather that used to be listed and no longer is. They had it in stock at the time and it was $398. The bag also comes in leather. I absolutely love it but haven't been able to bring myself to buy it yet.
  10. ^^ I was considering the last one if I didn't get the ergo scarf hippie. I know one of the PF gals has it in the chocolate signature and it's very cute!
  11. I love the regular coach duffles... dont think they were part of a type of coach bags like bleeker, but I have an XL pebbled leather duffle and a medium brown one. They are awesome!!