Who was your first LV and knowing what you know now, would you buy her again?

  1. My first LoVe was my Mono Viva-cite MM. Got her in Vegas at the Forum Shoppes. She is classy, stylish and oh so avant garde! Love her as much today as ever. After all this time together, I would definately make that purchase again.
  2. My 1st LV was the Hudson PM, I still own this bag. :yes:
    Would I buy her again? Mh... yes, I think so. She's such a beauty :love: I prefer handheld bags, that's why I don't use her that often, but you just need to have a gorgeous shoulder bag in your closet :graucho:
  3. my first purchase was a used speedy 25 on eBay for 150 dollars. i still love her although i took her out the other day (i never use her) and i noticed how dark the handles are. when i brought her in to have a zipper pull put on the SAs oohed and ahed over her patina but it bugs me a little. for that price i would buy her again in a heartbeat.
  4. my first was the white multicolore Lodge PM.....yea I know it came out like a year ago....but I'm still a lil girl of 18! :p I love her and I don't think I will ever be able to part with her....
  5. first LV was mono trotteur, at the time, it was great and served me well. as i got older, it became too small for all my daily needs. later gave it to a friend and it was her first LV too. of course, she trashed it. zipper broke, vachetta scratched and stained. i felt so terrible for the poor little guy....:sad:
  6. Damier Speedy 25, and ABSOLUTELY. This bag is the perfect combination of classy and practical, and goes everywhere without a fuss!
  7. My first was a looping MM and no I don't think I would buy her again now. I still love it but I just never use the regular mono bags I own anymore.
  8. A lovely black Epi Alma with an accessory shoulder strap - it's still my only LV purse. I'm eyeing a Manhattan, but don't tell my Alma ;)
  9. my first LV was the white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires, which was a gift for my 19th birthday from my dad 3 years ago. i used it A LOT when i first got it, because i liked small bags and it served me well. but i know now that i would NEVER buy it, because it's far too small, and not worth the price.
  10. Mine was a red epi Soufflot, and she's still the dowager empress of my LV collection.
  11. Mine was the Black MC mini speedy HL. She was totally cute and affordable at that time and she made me get the mono speedy 30 cos I liked the shape so much (I have since sold the 30). It's far too small nowadays, but I would def keep her for sentimental reasons! :yes:
  12. My first was a poppincourt haut. Would I buy her again? Probably not....beautiful bag but for some reason just not my style. I love it - gave it to my mother - but now have the speedy and have realized I like handheld bags better.
  13. Please post your first LV in the FIRST LV club. I want to see...hehe:graucho:
    It's interesting to know what LV people chose to be their first.
    Mine is mono speedy 30. (just bought it)
  14. My first is an epi speedy 25 black. Just got her this month, so I am still in passionate love. I LOVE the shape and I totally understand the speedy collectors now!
  15. My first one was the Mono Pochette Accessoires. I sold her off, and I wouldn't buy it again because it cost 285!! And I got it when it was 235$.