Who was with you in the Delivery Room?

  1. A long while back, I went to a family picnic on the SO's side...and one of his female cousins mentioned an aunt who always manages to wrangle her way into the delivery room when someone in the family has a baby....

    Now, I'm not sure if that meant thru guilt-trips, sheer presence, or appreciated experienced advice, but I don't even know if I want my SO in the room if/when it comes to that...

    Ladies...who did you invite into the delivery room with you? Or did you not have a say? Or was anyone else even allowed? I've heard some places refuse admittance to everyone...even the baby Daddy!
  2. I had two C Sections, there was noone in the theatre with me. My DH wouldn't have wanted to watch anyway even if he had been allowed!
  3. My bff who is a physician stayed with my for a while. I HATE anybody seeing me in pain so I didn't want my mom there. Husband was off on work related stuff and so I was alone.
  4. My mom was by my head, hubby at my feet. He was my breathing coach (we went to Lamaze classes). I couldn't have done it w/out him.
  5. my mum and she was my rock! hubby couldn't make it bec he already lived where I am moving to soon.

    I find it awful that a hospital wouldn't let anyone come with you - I would totally refuse that. hubby is probably not my first choice anyway btw, bec I doubt he would be very good in this type of situation, LOL. one day he asked what the whole fuss was with bringing someone - it seems the hospital where his mum and sisters gave birth did not allow anyone in the delivery room so it may be normal for him - and I threw a fit. (that was after giving birth). i mean sorry, don't tell me what I need and don't need - you don't go through it so just shush!
  6. JUst my DH. I really was so proud of him for not passing out! :biggrin: The sight of him was annoying me though... hahahhaha I have no clue why.
  7. Really hacked that my DH's family was ALL in my delivery room while in labor w/ no meds. The went to c-section and only DH...Thank GOD!
  8. ^^^Oh GOD, that would not never be happening with me, NO WAY!!! YIKES!
  9. It was only DH and me. I felt it was EXTREMELY important to have *that* moment to ourselves.

    I always said...if you weren't at the conception, you don't need to be there for the delivery :yes:

    That said...for our first child who arrived six weeks early, my family was in the waiting room and came in after it was over. His parents were visiting his brother. For our second who arrived five weeks early...our son was with my parents and DH's parents were in England.
  10. You crack me up!
    My DH is kind of a pushover for his P's. I was in labor for 12 hours w/o meds...then additional 12 with epidural and the finally c-section.

    This time..telling DH ...NO!:nuts:
  11. Only my hubby .
  12. With DD#1 My dh, my parents & my older brother. I almost killed my mom when she showed up with my older brother in tow. LOL.

    With DD#2 Just my dh.

    With this baby it will be dd (7 years), dh & my mom.
  13. My DH was in the delivery room with me for the birth of my DD. He was the BEST coach ever, I'm so thankful he was there.
  14. During labor with my first dh, my mom, and two sisters, oh yeah and god mother was in the room. Then I had to go for an emergency c-section so only DH witnessed the birth.
    Second child I opted to go straight for the c-section so DH and my mom where there!!!
  15. If I had to have my inlaws in there it woulda been way more painful than the birthing thing! LOL