Who was the scammer on here that got a LV bag?


Feb 14, 2007
New Orleans, LA
A few years back there was a lady who came on tpf in a wheelchair with a sob story and a bunch of us collected money for her and got her a LV bag. Turned out she was a scammer and had done a similar thing on many sites. I'm on a shihtzu forum and this lady in a wheelchair recently posted her dog was hit by a car and she couldn't afford to go to the vet. It seemed suspicious and there have already been people who have come on trying to collect money for "vet bills" and it was bs. Just wondering if it was the same woman.
Sep 13, 2007
The prairies of the Midwest
The woman who was the recipient of the LV bag on TPF died several years ago. There was a message string about it but it was deleted. I think there are a lot of grifters on the Internet who post sob stories and then are ever-so-grateful for any donations that come their way. I have a friend who discovered her sister was collecting donations via Paypal for a continuing saga of sorrow she was posting on a gardening forum. Yeah, people like that are out there, and it's important to be skeptical of anything you read posted by a stranger.