Who was @ the Houston Galleria tonight with a 30 cm gold togo Birkin??

  1. I was eating at a restaurant tonight and saw someone of Asian descent pass by with a husband and baby in a stroller carrying a 30 cm (size?) gold togo Birkin.........Do you live in Houston, Whispa777????
  2. Not me!
  3. I was nowhere near the galleria today.......
  4. nope, not me either... although would love to have that birkin.. hehe
  5. Me me me me!! That was me!!!

    Just kidding.

    Gold Birkins are gorgeous, saw one today on a young lady at Louis Vuitton.
  6. That would've been me if I had bought that 30cm gold togo 2 months ago!!! But alas not me!!!:sad: The DH and baby in a stroller part would've fit!!

    pazt could it be one of your many birkin carrying friends???

    whispa777 doesnt have a baby nor does she live in houston, but she does have a 30cm gold togo birkin!!
  7. I wish that was me who is carrying 30 cm gold Birkin but it wasn't. :smile:
  8. Next time you should do some recruiting!! Haha