Who was the first PF'er to coin the term "smooshy leather" for older Bal bags?

  1. It wasn't that long ago...Spring or Summer?
    I'm allllll about giving credit where credit is due.
    You could probably charge a fee for the amount of times it's been used since on eBay and here.

    Kudos to the anonymous catch phrase B-bagger.
  2. Interesting question!!!

    I am curious too. :confused1: Great adjective :yes: !
  3. hahahaa... It might have been on TFS actually- that thread had been going for longer than this forum, and there was another forum as well that had private access to get in that was open before that as well. I think the first balenciaga thread started sometime in late 04 on TFS...

    I dont remember the smooshy termifier though :lol:
  4. LoL! great thread, winona! and it's actually something that describes the situation perfectly and it's something we all use to describe the bbag leather we're all after!
  5. smooshy leather has been around for a loonnng time I think, I remember it on tFS a lot!
  6. It's too bad that the original Balenciaga thread from TFS was lost. I would have loved to be able to go back and read it for historical purposes... what happened to it, anyway? no backup anywhere? :crybaby:
  7. well the Everything Balenciaga thread goes back to early 04 (just checked) but I do believe that the earliest Balenciaga thread was lost...

    reading back through the early posts is so weird- we know so much more now.