who was looking for the noel scarf

  1. the one with the snowglobe on it in black? was anyone?
  2. In black, wow, that must be pretty...I just bought one in Navy and I'm looking for the Red...did you find a black one?
  3. yes. they didn't have the red
  4. Did someone say BLACK?????
  5. yuppers!
  6. Where???
  7. i have it....
  8. Oh, congrats!!!! It's lovely. Please post a pic so I can drool!
  9. Hlfinn, I've been looking for the black snowglobe! Are you saying what I hope you're saying......????

    Is it, perhaps.......ahem. Available??
  10. Katel, you may be more than pleasantly surprised by hlfinn's answer...hint hint:graucho:
  11. speaking of scarves, as we were, what is the best way to as TPFers if they've seen the ASTROLOGIE scarf in any kind of blue? Thanks