Who was looking for lilac epi SPEEDY????

  1. Wow, and it's in great condition too..!
  2. I think Sandra was looking for a Lilac Jasmin, but this one is GREAT!!!
  3. [​IMG] shoot me...
  4. lol.. couldn't have said it better myself.. :sweatdrop:
  5. Come on ladies! A PFer MUST get this bag, it's in such good shape and a good deal too!!
  6. Oooooh! It's gorgeous!!!:drool:
  7. Been thinkin' about it...for a while now...would have to sell my lilac dinard to replace though...I only want one bag in a color....Trying for variety...:flowers:
  8. I would love to buy this. Its in my watch list. And I really want a speedy. Purple / Lilac is one of my favorite colors.

    But I just can't seem to hit buy it now. :crybaby:

    So this is a limited edition color? This purse is like in mint condition. I've been watching this since I seen it listed.
  9. I KNOW I love this bag too...if I had the money I'd totally get it...it's in amazing condition!

    Someone here should get it...and post pics!
  10. I like the Lilac in small doses...I love the colour but a Speedy is too much! I want a Lilac pochette!
  11. I kinda' agree with you! I think it may be too much lilac? The Dinard is more stream lined and I can use it w/ suits...The speedy...not so much:Push:
  12. it always a Speedy. NEVER a Jasmin :mad::crybaby:

  13. I would have to fight you for a jasmin LOL!!!!;) ....I have to add that style to my collection some day!:flowers:
  14. Lilac is hard to match...my clothing would clash with it. :sad:
    The only Lilac epi pochette I've seen was on PoupetteLuxe.com...it's still there, but I don't want to pay $320 for the pochette...
    Maybe I should just settle for the black pochette!
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