Who was looking for Lamore stuff?

  1. Was at the mall today and saw a bunch of Lamore...I know people are looking for that print, so let's see if I can remember what was there:

    Nordstrom Chandler has a Lamore Dolce (it's a return because it wasn't there last week). They also have a Notte MM and a Famiglia MM (I know people want that style), one Adios Star Ciao (peaches), a couple of AS Denaros (no good characters), two terrific Pirata Portas, a couple of Lamore Bracialettos, and a bunch of Notte Denaros. They also have a bunch of bags in both Notte and Famiglia.

    Macy's Chandler had 2 Lamore Bellas, a couple of Lamore Canguros, and a Lamore Bambinone. They also had a bunch of Famiglia and AS (including an AS Dolce), a Lamore Porta, and a Notte Porta that was marked down to $68 for some reason (it looked fine to me). They had a Pirata Luna, and 3 or 4 Pirata Giocos...BV's in Spiaggia, and some Stellinas.

  2. Thanks for the update. What was the placement like on the AS dolce? Any characters?
  3. I honestly don't remember...I know I picked it up and looked at it but I don't remember who was on it. :sad:

    I remember thinking the placement on the Lamore Dolce I saw at Nordstrom was great, but my mind is a blank on the AS at Macy's.

  4. :drool: What was on the Lamore Dolce? And where is Nordstrom Chandler? The Nordstrom where I live never carries Toki bags. :crybaby:
  5. I can't remember exactly what characters it had (I looked at so many bags today they all float together after a while) but I remember thinking that it was great placement. It's definitely a return...last week they only had Dolces in Fumo and Notte, but today, there it was, looking pretty.

    Nordstrom Chandler is in Arizona...in the Chandler Fashion Center Mall. The other Nordstrom in Arizona (Scottsdale) doesn't carry Toki in store - they send all of theirs to Chandler.

  6. idk but there's an amore bella on LJ....