Who was looking for a Lindy???

  1. I think someone (or someones) was looking for a 34cm...

    As of 4:00PM on Saturday, San Francisco has two of them: 34cm Black Togo and 34cm Etoupe Togo.

    They are closed Sundays but you can try early Monday morning!


    BTW, tried on the 34cm Etoupe and LOVED IT!!!! *sigh*
  2. I am!! I am going to San Francisco this week and hopefully could pay a visit to Hermes sooner than I thought!! Do they have any 30s??
  3. Ooh the visual I imagined just about killed me!
  4. :yes: It was toile and white leather (not sure which leather).
  5. Thanks!! :heart::heart::heart:
  6. love the 34 etoupe, still struggling with wut color i want w/ a lindy. But i wonder if they'd ship to me, cant take another No anymore...
  7. Etoupe is like the 'little color that could'. I bet that Lindy is gorgeous. :smile:
  8. I love etoupe , authenticlux i don't know how you could resist. The black is also a great color for the lindy. I am sure they won't be around for long.
  9. I think I saw a 34cm black togo one in the Harrods one as well. That was yesterday, 28th June
  10. ^^ Black Clemence. Lindy does not come in Togo, B.
  11. There seems to be an abundance of lindys in the stores lately judging by the posts on the inventory thread...it's probably not very hard to get your hands on one, if you don't mind the colors...are they mass producing lindys now because it's so popular?
  12. Sorry MrsS, newbie here..
  13. I would love a Lindy...just not sure of the size for me
  14. My store have a lindy 30cm in gris tourtulelle and gold

    PM me for the info:smile:
  15. I'm 5'4" and 130 lbs. I don't really carry alot in my bags (wallet, makeup bag, card case, and cell phone) until my DH wants to empty out his pockets and make me a pack horse. I also tend to carry smaller bags like the Picotin PM. The 30 is perfect for me.