Who was looking for a Les Triplets scarf?????


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
.......because there's one in the lime green colorway (a 30" square) at the Neiman's in San Francisco!

I almost bought it but I finally had to admit to myself that not only was the color off (to say the least) but that I am too old to have cartoon babies (even though they're FRENCH) cavorting around my neck. Much as I'd love to think otherwise, one must listen to that little voice that says, "S'Mom, you are NOT a young mother anymore and THIS is not the scarf for you. You need THAT one over there with the likeness of Josephine Baker in little dots all over the place because after all you are old enough to know who the heck she is!!!!!

Anyway, Neiman's also has Les Triplets in Orange, Lavendar and Pink but you have to ask them to do a computer search and they'll ship it to you.....

i know, 24. And let me tell you, as cute as this scarf is.....and it is DANG cute.......I just can't pull it off! I tried though. I gave it my best shot. But.....left empty handed and toodled off to H where, as usual, I found nothing.........