Who was looking for a blue Coach bag?

  1. Someone (or several someones) was recently looking for a blue Coach. I went to the outlet in Vacaville today, & saw a blue (or turquoise) leather Carly (med or large)! It was lovely. It was under a stack of other clearance items, & I tried to find a price tag, but couldn't.

    There was a 2nd blue bag, but I'm not familiar with the style. It had a rough textured leather.

    Just wanted to pass that on if you are still looking. The Coach Factory outlet# is (707) 447-2067. The store location is 321 Nut Tree Rd, Vacaville CA. If you want more info on either of those bags, the SAs there would probably be more than glad to help you. Good luck!
  2. hmmm wasn't me but I was at the outlet in Vegas yesterday and they had a bleecker duffle in a pretty light blue color. :yes:
  3. Candace117 was looking for a turquoise ergo hobo or tote
  4. No way... blue Carly at the outlet? Is it the blue leather slim Carly? :nuts: It could be a return.. and it will be gone instantly I think :crybaby: