Who was it that wanted the Calcaire City???

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  1. me thinks it was livethelake!

    oh, livethelake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Did you see the really nice calcaire city that just ended at $799 with no bids? I was so surprised!
  3. yeah, i was surprised as well!
  4. i sent livethelake a pm about 6 hours ago re this bag, so she knows!
  5. Yes...it's me, me, me. Thanks Winona and Chi...it's on my watch list...

    what do you guys think about the color of the handles - a bit dark?
  6. No the handles are great!
    Glad you know about it!
  7. Ok, waiting to hear from the seller, I had some questions :smile:
  8. GOOD LUCK live...... - hope you get it :yes::graucho: !!
  9. It's beautiful! :heart: Such a unique color. Good luck, livethelake :smile:
  10. Good luck, live! Hope you get it! :smile:
  11. thanks everyone...still waiting for info from the seller, if anyone wants to buy it in the mean time, please feel free to bid! It's first come, first served :smile:
  12. ^Livethelake, good luck with this one! It's beautiful!! I hope you get it!