who was it that saw the chocolate LEATHER carly IRL on a manager??

  1. Can you remember what color the trim was on it and also about how dark brown the actual bag is?? Oh and what city, what store did you see this??

    I have called 888 twice before and the first time I was told the release date was August. Then I called about a week or so ago and was told July. Well I just now called and they have no date and the lady said maybe FALL!! :wtf: :crybaby:
  2. It was Oh Donna! I remember because it was the Chandler, AZ store which I was at the same day only earlier. I missed seeing it darnit!
  3. I don't know who saw it but I know that I want that bag too. I have a feeling that Coach will be keeping us hanging until the Fall. My SA is going to a Coach Convention in the middle of July. She advised me that she will let me know what new things are coming when she got back so I will keep you posted of any new developments on the Chocolate leather Carly.
  4. Yep my SA is leaving this Sunday for that Convention. She can't wait!
  5. a Coach convention??????????????????? Why oh why can't we all be so lucky!! Can you imagine how awesome that would be!!!
  6. Oh man! I bet there are Coach lovers gathered outside of their convention hall just waiting to catch a glipse of the new styles.
  7. Is there a Carly coming out in chocolate leather?? Maybe I should wait....




    *goes off to have argument with self*
  8. The Annual COACH Convention is in Florida this year...Oh to be a fly on the wall!!!
  9. A Coach convention? Now that is what I want my heaven to be like lol!
  10. That was me, I think she was a district rep. It was a chocolate brown.. True chocolate. She told me it would be available 8/1, and also some stores had it already. My store already had it in and mine is reserved.
  11. It's a Conference for higher ups and incredible SA's that happens annually :smile:
  12. Wow, a Coach conference. *drool*

    Have you ever gone, sprinkles? Do you know what goes on there? *insert stalker-esque smiley face with biiiiiiiiig binoculars here*
  13. I wish :drool:

    You've gotta be like... well, there are some pretty tough requirements to get to go! Can't be too specific on it but it ain't easy!
  14. Sprinkles when your manager comes back from the Conference please do let us know if there will be a chocolate brown Mandy made for the Fall. I have been hearing rumours about this and this is one bag I would need to have. Many thanks.
  15. I have yet to, but I plan on being there next year. It's basically new training, info on holiday and such.