Who was it that REALLY wanted

  1. a Legacy Stripe Framed French Purse?
  2. Nobody?
  3. me me me me me!
    My wishlist is driving me bananas! And that's at the top.
    Why, did you find one Cheekers?
  4. LOL, check your Pm's! I thought it was you but couldn't find the thread.
  5. You maam are awesome!! :heart:
  6. :smile: Well ... ?
  7. I ordered it as soon as I got your PM
    She said 4-5 days. The wristlet should be arriving by then too.
    And BOTH are finds thanks to you!!
    Thank you sweetheart!
  8. I am so glad you got it - you are very welcome! I happened to call to make sure they got my catalog request, which they did and which will feature their new perfume sample (goody!) and asked if they had any Legacy Stripe items restocked. So there ya go ;)
  9. I PM'd you, PyAri, but looks like I got to you too late!

    Congrats on your new items, though!