who wants to see ....

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  1. you are not wrong - but I am still banned from spending anything else this month !!
  2. It's gorgeous!
  3. Super-cute bag!!!. Congratulations
  4. Utterly beautiful. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to resist my need for a Lily.
  5. Lovely, luscious, lily
  6. Lovely pretty lily :smile:, congrats!
  7. Am going through Heathrow myself in about 10 days.... I don't know if I can resist the pull of the duty free Mulberry! :sweatdrop: Something Lily or Margaret-sized would be perfect for my travels... :graucho: Gorgeous bag!! Do you mind me asking how much she cost duty free?
  8. Ooh beautiful Pamster! What a lovely treat - congrats!
  9. beautiful, I've been considering this bag too.

    any chance of modelling pics?
  10. Oh its such a lovely bag! This is one of the few current M bags that gets everyone excited!
  11. Lovely! Congrats :smile:
  12. Oh congrats! It is a beauty. i love the look of Lily too. I hope that you enjoy wearing it xx
  13. Lily is so lovely! :smile:
    Congrats and enjoy her!
  14. Congrats on getting this lovely Lily! Enjoy!
  15. gorgeous, i would love a black one. devine congrats!!