Who wants to see what the postman brought today?

  1. It's an oldie but definitely a goodie :graucho::nuts:
  2. Yes, yes, yes!

    I have a pre-loved bag waiting for me when I get home, got delivered this morning but I didn't have time to unwrap it!
  3. bring it on both of you ladies, i am home alone and need some yummy treats for the eye ! :drool:
  4. Okay then, I'm easy :roflmfao:



    ILoveMyBug, yay, how exciting (I would have ripped that box apart though :lol:)

  5. I know but honestly, I was running so late already! Plus it's come through customs from the US so it's covered in those plastic labels that take ages to get off :lol:

    I can tell you what it is though ;)

  6. Beautiful! That looks so soft!
    Is that an early one? I'm not very clued up on years :shame:
  7. wow.. that bag is gorgeous!! it's definitely a collectors it!! congrats on such a great bag!
  8. ooooh class ! i thought u got two different bags at first, you got yourself a chameleon bag ! :drool:
  9. Oh congrats that's such a great classic, you must be soooo happy, enjoy this rare beauty!:tup:
  10. Yup, it's a 2002 flat brass First in impeccable condition :drool: I'm super pleased with it! (Big thanks again to the seller if she sees this ;))

    Thank you ladies!

    What did you get, ILMB?
  11. I got a black twiggy, I've never seen a twiggy IRL! lol
    But I'll stop hijacking your thread now, I'll start my own when I get round to pics ;)
  12. wowww..
  13. Congrats Loony! I'm so happy for you that you got your FBF! It's a gorgeous bag!!
  14. waawaaweewaa :graucho:
  15. Thank you, ladies! And special Thanks to amiekbs8 for being incredibly sweet, thinking of me and letting me know about this bag :tup:

    We can try breeding them now :roflmfao: