who wants to see my collection?

  1. hey guys i thought that it was about time to show off my little collection i cant wait to add to it!!!
    christmas allowed me to add 5 new peices to it so im very pleased with my self.

    we have here-
    my bedroom wall first hahah think im obsessed?
    group photo
    keepall 55
    tivoli gm with trunks and bags pochette
    ursula with obsession key ring
    mirage musette with mirage bandeau
    suhali purse
    bulles earrings


    thanks for looking and id love to hear what u think:nuts:
  2. woooooooo

    what a secret museum!!!!!
  3. great collection! love the ursula and tivoli
  4. :heart: the functional collection - me love big shoulder bags! and suhali wallet is Hot too!!
  5. Great collection!! Love the wall of Louis!!!
  6. You have a very nice collection going on there! Congrats!
  7. love your collection ! congrats !
  8. OMG!!! Love the wall!!! Great Collection!!!
  9. I WANT TO COME OVER! HAHA! I LOVE YOUR BAGS! Although your Germanium Suhali PTI beats EVERYTHING because its my FAVOOOORITE!
  10. Great collection! love everything, Congrats!!! you have some of the best bags LV offers :smile:
  11. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  12. Great pieces you've got there! Congrats!
  13. great collection!!:tup:
  14. Awesome collection!!!!
  15. You have exquisite taste, I just adore the variety in your collection. Thanks for sharing.