Who wants to see a bit of red onion?

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  1. Anyone fancy seeing a red onion mrsb?! :thinking:
  2. meeeee
  3. Me me me me me me me!!!!!
  4. Well i'm officially poor but I think this baby is worth it! By the way I'm so nervous about starting reveal threads.... I'm still traumatised by first one with the choc sbs! :giggles:

    Here goes... wish me luck!
  5. Can't wait to see this beauty x
  6. Me too :smile:
  7. She's beautiful!
  8. It's absolutely stunning!
    I am normally not into the coloured ones, but this is really beautiful :smile:
  9. That is beautiful...

    I really want red onion...you said you liked it better in the full size Bay versus the SBS correct? Any reason why?
  10. Fab mod piccies, it's a perfect match xx
  11. Dont want to be a party pooper but i'm really unsure about this colour? It may just be that it doesnt come over well in photos and looks great IRL.
  12. Thanks Odebdo! Yes that's right I did like this colour better on the bays than the sbs which really surprised me as I was all set to pick it up in the sbs. It's all personal choice of course but personally for me I find the sbs to be such a beautiful style bag that I personally felt this colour didn't really show it off to its best like the original colours do. It might have nothing to do with the colour actually... it could be the pebbled patent leather combined with the powerful colour, on the size of the sbs distracted from the beautiful design and line of the sbs, where as for me just enhanced on the bays.

    Sorry god that was deep wasn't it?!!!! :roflmfao: