Who wants to help me on my purse quest? :)


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Aug 14, 2006
Kansas City
My five sisters and I have a tradition of every christmas pooling our money together to get one really nice, expensive give for our mom and dad. this year we thought we'd get mom a really nice designer(ish) handbag, and I have been delegated the leader of this because I'm closest to her. problem is, she's really picky, and everything I've seen that she'd love is over our budget, $300.

here are some bag "rules:"
neutralish colors, but we are shooting for black or white because she has neither
NO zip tops, she hates it and it will stay in the back of the closet
plain, solid leather; no hardware, logos, etc.
very structured and work-friendly, but still workable for casual occasions
mid-sized or smaller, she has complained about things "swimming" in her purses

here is a pic similar to one of her favoritest bags evar:

(in dark brown; she takes the long strap off)

she likes Coach, Dooney&Burke(logo-free bags only, thank god), and Fossil. we are thinking of adding maybe Cole Haan or Kate Spade to that collection, but everything is over priced, so any other brand suggestions or sale info on these $$ brands?

thanks guys! this is hard to do on my own, I'm more of a sloucy, HH/AC/LP kind of girl and she would hate all of those bags...:wtf:


Jul 18, 2006
Several brands seem to have the "look." Look at the Sak and Eliot Lucca bags, and shop for bargains in Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Some bags I found:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Saddle Bag:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Comb Over

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh Saddle Bag

The Sak Handbags Relaxed Leather Flap


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Aug 14, 2006
Kansas City
But do you know if she wants something she can wear on her shoulder or carry in her hand?
LOL, she actually hardly ever carries her bags! she'll usually hand it over to me or my dad, set it in the car seat next to her, in the baby seat in a grocery cart, etc. I think a handbag would be best though, because whenever she does carry it for a few feet it's in her hand and she wouldn't want it long enough to drag on the ground.

some of these bags are really great suggestions, I'll have to email them around to my sisters. I think M by MJ is a little trendy for her taste but it gives me some more ideas. thanks everyone!


Dec 28, 2006
You mentioned Cole Haan, so how about the Village Bucket tote? This pic's in camel, but it comes in black too. This was my mom's mother's day gift and she loves it. And it's on sale at colehaan.com with 20% through sunday. Hmmmmmm :rolleyes: