Who wants to hear a crazy/scary story?

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  1. I haven't posted this until now, since I couldn't even bear to think about the outcome until it was all over...

    RBB, this is going to both horrify and crack you up!

    I had offered to send RBB my rouge Herbag bottom to use for awhile, since I wasn't using it and she was curious about the color.

    I packed it all up and put it in the trunk of my car, to be dropped off at FedEx in the next day or so.

    Little did I know that my husband had plans to trade in my car as a surprise to me, without telling me. He knew I liked the Land Rover, so it would be a welcome surprise.


    The box got overlooked when my car was being traded in. It went with the car.

    So, home comes my husband with my new Land Rover (which I freaking *LOVE* :love:) and the first thing out of my mouth is:

    "Where the box that was in the trunk of the Audi?"

    "Um. What box? Oh, and you're welcome!" He was all bent that I hadn't thrown myself all over him in gratitude. First things first, buddy...there's Hermes at stake, here!

    (as patiently as possible:smile: "The. Box. That. Was. In. The. TRUNKOFTHEAUDI! Were is it?" :boxing:

    Ok, so this went on for about 5 minutes, until I asked him to please just call the dealership, locate the box and ask to have it put to the side.

    He calls.

    And this is what I hear on his end...

    "What do you mean, the car is already gone? I just left there an hour ago! Well, can you radio the truck and ask to have it brought back? I'll pay the damn fuel surcharge, I don't care. Look, do you have a wife? Help me out!"

    The car was on it's way to a central distributor where the car would be looked over and then they would decide what to do with it.

    The car would not arrive until the following day, after a few other pick-ups oat other dealerships.

    So, there was nothing to do but sit. And wait. And wait.

    2 days later, we get a call. The box had been found. Yay, right?

    Well, no. It seems that the contents of the car now belonged to the distribution lot and I would have to do some fast talking to get them to release it back to me. :cursing:

    I finally got a nice lady on the phone, explained the situation and she offered to drop it off to FedEx and ship it back to me.

    It just arrived. I can breathe now. :sweatdrop:


    Sarah, it will be on it's way to you shortly, and all of this is a very public explanation as to why it's so late in arriving. :nogood:
  2. wow...what an experience. i'm so glad and relieved to hear that you got the box back.
  3. Boy...scary!!!!! So glad it worked out! WOW!! You and your Dh sound just like me and mine! LOL!
  4. Ohmigosh, what a story. I can just imagine that your blood pressure rose for quite a while tho.
    I just love happy endings too!
  5. First, congats on the Land Rover!!! What a wonderful DH!!!

    Second, nice job on the recovery of the bag!!!
  6. OMG! That's the funniest H story I've ever heard!
    Now ... tell us about the Land Rover! I want to "get" DH one this year or next. I'm trying to talk him out of white, though!
  7. I was reading the thread called "My birkin was stolen" and now this - this one is even scarier, I have to say.
    Glad that your birkin is safe and sound. Congratulations on your new car, it is beautiful!
  8. OCMommy, I would have had a heart attack! I'm so glad it turned out well!

    Enjoy the Land Rover!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    (glad it worked out in the end -- what a nightmare!)
  10. Wow...that's scary, but you congrats on the new car!
  11. OMG, I felt my blood pressure rise just reading your story! I'm so glad that it all worked out.
  12. Holy guacamole! I'm just happy this had a happy ending.
  13. That is something that I think could only happen to me!! I'm so glad that it turned out alright!
  14. OMG, I'm glad that turned out okay. Your DH must have been baffled when he came home expecting a big reception! SO glad you got the box returned!
  15. OMG!!!
    One day you will be able to laugh about it, I am sure ocmommy!!!
    But what a close call.