Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

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  1. my bf is auditioning for the show next week. im so excited cause he is so smart. although, i asked him if i would be his phone a friend and he laughed. lol. grrr. yeah, i hope he makes it to the show. that would be soooo awesome:yes:......hmmmm....some hermes in the future???? :nuts: i hope so.:drool:
  2. :nuts: Cool! Best of luck to your BF (and hope you score some H)! :lol:
  3. How fun, hope he makes the audition. Best of luck
  4. That is so neat, good luck to him!
  5. Thats awesome! I always get the answers right, but I know I would totally freeze if I got on the show! I probably wouldnt even get to $1,000 hahahaha.

    Let us know how it goes! Thats so exciting!
  6. good luck!!!
  7. Good luck.

    And if he calls you, always be near a computer and on google.com haha