who wants my PCE card? :D

  1. My SA let me order my two items (sunglasses & scarf) without even producing my card. So today I went into the Coach flagship store to take one last spin and see if there is anything else I "can't live without" right now.

    Turns out the answer is no! I am all good. But I still have this card...

    PM me if you want it and I will get it in US mail for you tomorrow. And you have to use it!!!
  2. i pm'd you
  3. Thanks angel, you were first! I will send it to you tomorrow.
  4. thank you so much jane =)
  5. Aww...is the fate of my roomie needing a card too late? :sad:


  6. that would be really unfair for those of us tpf members who would like one
  7. Ok angelthelson has decided to stick with her ban, so the offer has been reopened... sorry to the others who pm'd me, I already deleted your messages!

    if you want it and will definitely use it, please pm me your name and address. I don't want this card to go to waste, as it were.
  8. Angelthelson, you are so sweet [regarding the last PM since apparently the system will not let me send you a PM]. I hope you have a great time at Coach purchasing all your goodies! Please show us! :heart:

    Darn again, I did not read jane's post. :/
  9. the offer is opened again =)
  10. I pm'ed Jane!
  11. Yay! Have fun purchasing your new Coach goodies if you get it!
  12. One of the boardies on this forum MAILED her PCE card to me PRIORITY!
    How awesome is that?!
    After the week I had last week, It was worth it!