Who wants my beloved Croissant?!

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  1. No, no, I am not selling mine:roflmfao: ....but I thought I'd share my love for Croissants with you all and let you know there is an EXCELLENT one on ebay:love: ...pristine condition and seemingly flawless:drool: ...so grab her if you can, there aren't many of her left!! I know a lot of your expressed interest in one after I got mine!! so....Yay for Croissants!!

    eBay: 100% AUTH LOUIS VUITTON CROISSANT GM MINT & RARE! WOW!! (item 160039840602 end time Oct-18-06 14:35:04 PDT)
  2. :nuts:Is this seller reliable? How much did this originally retail for?
  3. the bag looks authentic...it retails for about $1000!
  4. I would love to get this bag but I am so scared to buy on ebay now
  5. Lol I was gonna say...you're selling???
    Haha. Good thing you aren't I know you love your Croissants!
  6. hehe...no way I'm selling my baby!:supacool:
  7. Hahaha good :yes:
  8. It looks fabulous ! Oh I doooo want one butttt.. bah !
  9. Aww I wanted to check out the Croissant MM or GM, but I was told they are no longer making this purse. :crybaby: I did get to see the cute PM. But it was too small for me. I wish I could get this purse. Because I imagine how its going to look so nice lol. But I can't buy this.