Who wants an OSKAR???

  1. That's SO pretty! I love this bag and wouldn't mind getting the PM version of it! I saw a fake one the other night and even that looked pretty from a distance.

    This bag looks so gorgeous on lv_addtict!
  2. I love this bag but it's too rich for me!
  3. :kiss: :kiss:
  4. I want an OSKAR!!!!

    I saw this auction the first time that it was listed. The price is too steep for me :Push: Apparently for many others too.

    its a 10 day auction that's halfway over and no one has snagged it yet :shrugs:
  5. that bag is so pretty!
  6. *drools*
  7. :drool: ... but the price is OUCHY:biggrin:
  8. Ooooh this bag, I lurve it, especially on Irene's arm, looks fab ! :yes: