Who Wants An Oak Effie?

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  1. :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  2. I love it... an Effie has to join my collection one day.
  3. From a lovely seller too..
  4. I suppose it will go sky high!
  5. Did you see the other bags that she is selling??? Really charismatic bags in great condition. I was sorely tempted!
  6. Yes, it's a gorgeous bag and a lovely lovely seller. I've never had the pleasure of buying from her yet but have been sorely tempted quite a few times.

    I'll be watching this one closely to see what price it reaches.
  7. I have stayed away from the sales but am getting tempted with an effie now :thinking::thinking:
  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! I am so tempted, also being called to bid by the splendiferous Ivy Bayswater!!! If only I could, but I have been very, very bad with a couple of Bottega Veneta splurges!!!! :nuts:
  9. Yes, Ivy Bays is gorgeous, isn't it. And agreed, really really lovely seller, an absolute dream to deal with.
  10. That does look lovely... I must not buy any more bags at the moment though!