Who wants a tokidoki ad?

  1. I know maya_exquisite got some ads from the free japanese magazines we get here in hawaii, but if you didnt get a chance to snag one with her, I have some!!:yahoo:


    Sooo.. send me a PM letting me know your interested. I just woul want you to send a self addressed envelope for it, send it to me and I will send it back. I "stole" about 10 (well, i mean, they are free, so not really stole, but you know.) so thats about as much as I have. Oh, and I am moving on Friday, so it might be easier to wait until I get to Cali unless you PM me fast!!:yes:

    Note to mods: I am not selling or harassing anyone, these are free to whoever wants them! :yes:
  2. geez I was trying to type so fast that I had to correct all my typos ... I sure hope I typed fast enough :sad:
  3. Hey Brandee, where did you get those from? LOL. I didn't notice it had the cactus kitty on it haha.

    *wow, i saw some people sell these on eBay...*
  4. :true: i've only been seeing one person sell this ad on eBay actually lol... but yeah they're selling them for like $12 shipped it's a free mag too :noggin:
  5. $12 pure profit. But, I shall not say anything...
  6. ah well... u kno that'll be me after i distribute the free comic-con tokidoki goods to u ladies ;) comic-con is all about the pure profit :lol:
  7. haha yes jenn, gotta help the tokidoki sisterhood! lucky you who can go. :drool: lol
  8. tehlilone, you are sooo lucky you are going to comic con! i almost convinced my husband to go to san diego during that time for vacation. we honeymooned there and he absolutely loves san diego so it wasn't a hard sell! it just isn't going to work out because of some commitments we have. :sad:

    please take lots of pictures to show us!
  9. when is comic con? will I be able to make it???
  10. tokidokilover - i think it's the end of july, like a four day weekend. you definitely have to go!
  11. Hey Brandee, are those the ones in Waiks? I dont remember seeing them around :confused1:
  12. so i was browsing through eBay as usual.. and guess who is selling the free ads... our friend of the thousand lawsuits. :roflmfao: yeah, sue me for this comment. im still waiting for the last one.
  13. miss dana- yep! its the green kau kau magazine, they are on the back of the mag!

    ragdollia- yup! I know!! 12 profit, but we are the "bad" guys!
  14. O__O lol...

    Jenn -- I think the comic-con stuff is a bit different lol. If I don't go this year...I might end up wanting to get some of your stuff hahaa...evilbay eh? LoL.
  15. oooh i want to go then!!

    we should plan a meet up for that too!!!