Who Wants a Seafoam Twiggy - GOOD DEAL on Ebay

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  1. oooo i love that color! but i wish it were either a city or a purse.
  2. Agreed Fayden ... I'm not a Twiggy person either!
  3. Great color! I LOVE the Twiggy style. I have two of them and a City and a Purse. I guess to each his own. If I had the extra cash I'd consider this one. Thanks for the heads-up, CeeJay.
  4. No problem Kat ...

    Yeah, it's funny, some people really love and prefer the Twiggy, other's don't. I've never really found anyone who is ambivalent about it.
  5. I think the twiggy shape is o-kay.. but I much prefer the flat bags. I would probably be selling off an organ to get this if it was a medium city bag !
  6. I'm glad I found this thread. I was just going to post this auction in the seller's watch because I have been looking at it all day! Does anyone who surfs ebay know how often real seafoam bags come up? I'm not completely sure I'm a twiggy person. Maybe I'll go to NM and check the style out. I do :love: the color!
  7. Seafoam shows up every now and then. I see it more than some of the other colors from the 2004 season.
  8. yeah, i agree- it pops up pretty often actually, much more than mustard/anis/pistachio... i like the twiggy shape, but i dont think i have enough in my bbag bank account for what that bag is gonna go for- its beautiful! gonna get some girl so stoked!
  9. I remember looking at this auction right after it was posted. The seller had a "Buy It Now" on the bag that was somewhere between $800 and $850 (can't remember what the exact amount was). I was quite surprised when I saw the first bid go up; I expected someone to BIN for that price. I bet the bag ends up going for much more than the initial BIN.

    [rant] I don't understand why bidders bid early and often. I guess they don't realize that they are hiking the price up for no good reason; it's beneficial for the seller but not for interested buyers. Either BIN when it's available if you are really interested, or wait until close to the end of the auction to bid. Argh, just a little peeve of mine. [/rant]
  10. Love the color, just not as crazy about the shape.
  11. my cousin just purchased the twiggy in white. I never seen a twiggy IRL and always perfered the purse over the twiggy.... since seeing the twiggy in white for the very first time, I wanted to trade my white purse for her twiggy! This is definately a nice catch.... too bad I just got a chloe and my wallet has a hole in it.... time will patch it up
  12. seafoam is such a pretty color!
  13. The seller cancelled all bids and ended the auction early citing "Item no longer available for sale". Seller's remorse perhaps?
  14. She probably sold it privately. That happens a lot, especially with bbags.