who wants a pebbled aviator?

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  1. Saw this last night and I hesitated. Now that it's relisted, I'm going for it.
  2. ^yay! good luck, le_junkie!
  3. is this person's stuff authentic? How does he get limited pieces? I thought people who have factory warehouses did not have authentic bbags?
  4. The Gucci Group has outlets near Florence. I think this seller is an American (or anglophone, at least) living in Italy somewhere near the outlets and she gets most of her stuff from there - it's mostly non-mainstream stuff, she can't get the motorcycle bags (I checked!!) - but it's authentic. As far as I can tell, nearly all the aviator bags we've seen recently have from from the GG outlets via one seller or another.

    And I see it's sold - if that's you, le_junkie, congratulations!!!
  5. oooh I hope that was you le! :love:
  6. You go girl...that bag has Ms Le_Junk all over it ;)
  7. Interesting, I've been to several of those outlets but never saw Balenciaga. I'll have to check into that next time.

    Congrats on the bag.
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