Who wants a DAMIER SPEEDY 30 ?

  1. Woah.. background hurts my eyes. If the damier speedy is going to be the same price as the monogrammed one, you're getting taken in this auction !
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    My eyes are hurt, too.:wacko:
  3. Yeah, way too much going on too fast in the bkground.

    Love the Damier!
  4. The Damier Speedy is 30% more than the regular mono speedy. 30% is the normal mark up (average) for a special order bag. And approx wait time is 3 months. I have had mine about a year now and it is my absolute favorite bag. Between the damier canvass and the dark leather it is a total worry free bag !

    Although I have been hearing rumors that they will start making in regular production a damier speedy 25 ? If so, then definitely wait till it comes out. I think they are talking about a summer release for this? (I know there are others who know more about this and can chime in).

    Also this eBay seller is a lovely person and wonderful to do business with (and no it's not me ! LOL!) :smile:
  5. US$720.00 as of this morning according to a lady @ 1866VUITTON.:biggrin:
  6. they're making regular production 25s and 30s, but i think they'll still be more expensive, as the poster above me said.
  7. i'm really excited about the damier speedy 25...i have never been a fan of damier, but i think it would look amazing on a speedy!
  8. Woa, the background is crazy. I can't wait 'til the Speedy is out this summer.
  9. :love:
    you have the damier speedy!!!wow :love:, did you post some pictures somewhere in this forum or would you? please, I'm dying to see how it looks like
  10. Seems the seller wants to give you a seizure. :nuts:
  11. It is coming out in June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in time for my birthday !!! And I have 2 buyers in the pipeline right now (I sell homes), so if they work out that money is getting hidden (from myself) and I will buy myself the DS as a birthday gift !!!!!!!!!
  12. ^^^I hope you get it!!!:biggrin: I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
  13. Someone should really tell that seller her background is hurting her sales!!
  14. I just had an epilepsy attack... couldn't even concentrate on the damier speedy!

    Well, I don't know, I guess maybe the 25 could be cuter, but then again with the crazy background it's hard to tell... maybe I'll save the pics to watch them on a normal background!
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