who wants a damier sophie?

  1. not sure if this is ok mods, I'm just helping someone get one, not buy one from me or any money will cross my hands. I just happen to have one on hold that I won't be buying.

    Ok I have one on hold in Hawaii but you must have previous purchase history within Hawaii or have a family member or friend ready to get one for you..........they will only hold it for 2 more hours. So if you wanted one and didn't get called, let me know ASAP and you can have the one reserved for me.

    I already am getting one (my BIL sis should be getting it tomorrow for me), so I don't need this one.
  2. That is very nice of you to offer.
  3. darn! of course I want one but have never bought anything from the Hawaii LV store.
  4. Me too! I'm actually live part time on Oahu...but I'm in California right now. You are so kind to offer it to another tPF member though!
  5. i wanted one but wasn't expecting to be able to get my hands on it so i kinda left the idea in the dark. darn. i better pass :crybaby:
  6. it's gone ladies! :yes:
  7. oh no! i guess it's too late i didn't see this thread until now. i have one already, but my sis wants one. i always buy my stuff from oahu. can you get back to me on this one? thanks.
  8. Thank goodness you said you have to have a purchase history at Hawaii! I thought there was another way of getting one, and when I saw that it was gone, I was like OH no!! *phew*
  9. I wanted one!
    and i'll never get one here coz i'm in Australia
  10. Hi,

    I also wan one but it didn't come to singapore :sad:
  11. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    thanks so much for offering though.... if anyone else has one on hold and changed their mind... please let me know
  12. i really want this bag but I cannot order as I have never purchased in hawaii before. such a bummer.
  13. I really want one :sad:
  14. I have an extra one....;)
  15. You are soooo lucky! I only want one.