Who wants a black patent med classic???

  1. Ok, I couldn't believe today when I saw at NM San Antonio a med black patent classic with silver hardware. I wasn't aware we were getting one:p!!! Anyway, another associate snatched one up and I'm thinking I may have to do so. Has anyone else seen it????
  2. I've just seen pictures but it looks GORGEOUS - it's lambskin, right?
  3. It's very pretty!
  4. I'm sure it won't last...... there are a few in the whole company!!!
  5. What is the price? Thanks a lot!!!
  6. I just got this bag also. I love, love, love it! You should snatch it up.
  7. I got mine from Atlanta, it's gorgeous, I love it.
  8. Is it available in the jumbo size?
  9. It is coming in the jumbo size. i just put myself on the waitlist. In PAlm Beach Gardens...ask for Jillian. She said that the have enough still in their order to reserve a few!

  10. Thank you so much for the info, Lucy! :smile::smile: