who wants a 3k scarf?

  1. So stunning....I had to take it off my watch list....
    I couldnt stand to "Watch" LOL!!!

    As always, I hope the high price paid for this shawl means that someones dream has come true, and that this gorgeous piece will be worn and enjoyed to its absolute fullest....
  2. Wow!
  3. I was thinking the same thing. It might be someone's grail. A recent trip or memorable trip to India.
    Or just something to commemorate the Valentine's Day:smile:
    Or something to commemorate the year of the lotus/indian whatever this years theme is (I forgot!!!).
  4. its a great design....but 3k.....
  5. It's a truly amazing shawl .. but the price
  6. The price is insane!!
  7. I'm personally holding out for a 30K scarf. Wake me when they get their act together. :winkiss:
  8. This is really an amazing shawl.

    I can see why someone would pay that much. It is a work of art.

    I secretly hope they'll reissue this since it's the year of India. Oops, did i just think out loud? :greengrin:
  9. Not so strange to see another listed. After the price the pink went for, I'd be selling one if I had it. Just think -- someone else bid up to $3k for it, too, and that person didn't win!
  10. It's the whole seller ID thing that's weird
  11. I'm pretty sure they are the same person.
  12. Makes me wonder why they didn't use the same ID :shrugs:
  13. Well, the blue cw went for half price- only $1525. FYI, it has been established that the seller is the same Poupi but we don't know why there is a new eBay account.