who wanted the original scuola ??

  1. I wanted one but I already got it. That one looks real to me too. (mine is cuter though :p )
  2. cool! glad you got it!
  3. I would think about getting it, but I'm not a bidder. I don't like to bid.
  4. Its got the second season Qee on it, it cant be real...
  5. Actually I think some of the original do have the white qee. :confused1:
  6. Sure it can. A lot of qees "go missing" and are replaced with newer ones. I've we bought two bags (from Macy's so I know they are real) with missing or broken qees.

    I think the thing to check for is the colored hardware. I think it must be expensive to fake. And this one does have the blue and green hardware.