Who wanted a Mizi Vienna?

  1. `Let-trade has a purple one up right now! Go grab it whoever it was!
  2. haomimi was looking for the Mizi Vienna.
  3. Thanks pinki....I'll PM them as well :smile:
  4. OOH I want! Grab! JK
  5. I've been looking for one for a long time. I almost passed out when I clicked on let-trades. :wtf: Then I relalized that it was purple. :crybaby:

    I would prefer it in black. Oh well.

    Somebody get it
  6. [​IMG]

  7. Lol..this is one of my favorite bags and in the exact color. If I could swing it right now, I'd snap it up too..sigh.
  8. if only i could afford it. lol. it looks fabulous!
  9. Does anyone know if its a really noticeable purple color?
  10. purple? it looked black to me. anyone know what kind of purple IRL?
  11. I wish...too much $ right now...sigh.
  12. This is the aubergine. It's a dark purple. Very elegant.
  13. huh, i didnt know there even was a purple one! wish i had the flow right now...
  14. You can ask J to get it for you! He still owes both of us a Le Fab. Just ask him to get this one instead! : )
  15. It is stunning ... I just took a photo of my klara with my le tal so you can see that it is a really dark purple:yes:
    22nd Jan 2007 004.jpg