Who wanted a Metallic Army Sienna???

  1. It looks totally mint. If I had the "two handbags in every colour" obsession I'd go for it, but since I'm not independently wealthy, good luck to whoever gets this gem. This one looks stunniing. :yes:
  2. Its beautiful. I want it terribly bad but I am not going to be able to do it I'm afraid. How high do you think it could go?
  3. I sold my old one for 400. I bought my new one for 400. BUT some have went on eBay cheaper. It just depends on who's bidding. This bag does not show up often and as Jade said....It's a stunner. I'd bite the bullet and do it if you really want one. Figure in you almost spent 100 on a fake white Ginger! That might just be 1/3rd of this bag. The leather color is unbelievable.
  4. Shewolfy, if you really are after the Metallic Army Sienna, you couldn't do better than this one. Keep an eye on the auction, you just never know, it might be within your budget. It's definitely authentic and if it's what you really want, it's worth the extra dollars. GOOD LUCK!
  5. Yeh, I saw that this morning shortly after I got up and it cetainly is a beauty! Looks to be in perfect condition, too. Great bag and color on that ultra smooth leather! What more could you ask for?
  6. Depending on the condition you're willing to accept, you can get one cheaper. I got mine for $228, but the seller didn't put Sienna in the title & listed it as bronze, not metallic army. She said there were scuffs on the bottom (not bad at all) & her pics show some marks, which weren't on the bag when it arrived.

    The seller on the bag currently listed knows what she has, has pictured and described it perfectly, but it is still used, so it'll probably go for $350-$400.

    I'd def. keep an eye out for another if this goes over your budget. Mistakes in listing & awful pics make for better deals & they do show up now & then!
  7. yeah, I placed the first bid, but I really cannot afford this right now. :crybaby:
  8. It is a beauty. Just put in the highest amount you can pay, then you won't fee so bad if someone outbids you. I just hate it when I don't do that and get beat out by a couple bucks in the last few seconds. It is a beauty, albeit used.
  9. Do you think its real? It does look a little like the olive one..
  10. I'm done bidding. I cant afford all this!!
  11. Positive. If you have a Metallic army or seen one you know that color in a minute....although I have pics that depict the color better than this auctions. I've never seen a fake Metallic army, has anyone? I think the fakers stuck with more of your basic popular colors.
  12. Considering the seller has over 1,000 feedback and a perfect record, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet. I'm sure if you can't afford to go any higher, there will be lots of bids at the end of the auction.

    You can definitely get them for cheaper if you're willing to take a risk on a seller with low feedback, and/or a bag that isn't in as good condition. Considering this is mint, the price might go high.

    Check out this recent auction on the same bag. The bag is brand new (which is a very rare thing) but the seller has low feedback. Still got over $400 for it. I thought it would actually go higher since the bag was brand new.

  13. Yeah, that one is beautiful also.