Who wan a LV Teddy bear for $7k?!

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  1. That price is insane! OMG! I saw that too! hahah :smile:
  2. It's a lot better than the Panda stuffie for 15-20K. Not sure if both were super limited.
  3. That's just crazy! I know we all love our LV, but 8G for a Teddy bear is ridiculous. :nuts:
  4. OH dont worry, its re listed for 7,200!! save a whole 800!
  5. Super cute but I can't imagine anyone paying that price.
  6. I'm sure someone will buy it if $$$ is not the object to them.
  7. Dang, that bear sure appreciated in value! I remember seeing it years ago on ebay for "just" $3K! Definitely a rare collector's piece.