Who uses their Mulberry every day?

  1. and if so, what bag have you got and how is it aging/ holding up? Just curious!:smile:
  2. I use my aralines (coconut and apricot) every day (depending what I'm wearing) and suffice to say they're holding up well in terms of the soft nappa leather still looking lovely but the woven straps are looking pretty knackered and the tassles are missing a string or two. I use my black Emmy for more 'formal' stuff like going out at the weekend and its looking lovelier and lovelier with age!
  3. At the moment I am using my scotchgrain boston everyday (very durable). I also have a canvas and a oak blenheim that I tend to use at the weekends.
  4. Oh the oak blenheim is quite durable, the canvas blenheim is okay at the moment, very light in weight
  5. I use *a* Mulberry every day but I tend to swap over each week or so. My Joni is out most of the time as that's my everyday, going out with the buggy, bag. I've just put my Ayler away for the winter and have the Bayswater out instead. I haven't seen my choc Elgin for a while so that's going to be coming out soon. I only tend to have two out of their dustbags at the same time :angel:
  6. I've had my black araline for nearly a year and have used it constantly, I'd say at least 3 times a week since getting it. It's holding up really well, considering how much stuff that gets piled into it and that it's been out in the rain quite a bit. The strap is looking a little bit worn but that's all. I will be gutted when it eventually does break though, seeing as stupid Mulberry have stopped making aralines :sad:
  7. I've used my Phoebe everyday for over two years (except on days when extreme thunderstorms were expected). I love how slouchy the bag became as I used it more and more. I've never conditioned it or used a leather protector and it's beautiful!
  8. I use all my Mulberrys, and definitely for every day. :smile: Mine are all made of Darwin leather, and that holds up very, very well. I love the natural aging process, the colors deepen with time and wear, and they just become more beautiful :smile:
  9. I mostly use Mulberry but I do carry my LV mono speedy 30 a lot particularly in winter. I change bags often, several times a week. At the moment I'm using my tangerine Araline a lot and my new black Alana. As the weather gets colder I think Alana is going to be my everyday winter bag with Araline coming out for girls' shopping days out etc.
  10. Im ashamed to say I dont use my mulberries all that often.. usually when Im out and 'making an effort' instead of going out dressed like my typical scruffy self! I should use them more though... no wonder my oak rosemary hasnt developed a patina! I tend to use my orla kiely bags most regularly, as they are really tough and hold up to the rain without any problems. Ive just bought a new one from the winter range so that one will probably get used most often for the next couple of months.
  11. Yes, my current everyday bag is a vinyl orla kiely that's indestructable!! I'm hoping this thread makes me USE my mulberries more often!
  12. me too!
  13. I use my Mulberry bags almost everyday, maybe once a week I grab some other bag, usually the Longchamp Pliage if it's raining cats & dogs. It's amazing how much they endure, they just get better and better with use. I strongly believe that bags are meant to be used, not pampered and kept hidden :smile: All quality bags look even better with patina and signs of use, pre-loved is a beautiful term :smile:
  14. I use my oak Bayswater everyday. I've had it for about 2 months and it's already started to darken. A bit of the binding on the handles has started to peel, but I guess that's just part of the aging.

    I've got a chocolate Ledbury I almost never use...I think it's just too small for my needs. I've only carried it about three times. :sad:
  15. I use my red glove leather roxanne everyday - love it! it's held up really well - i got it for xmas 2005.